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Recycling - Selling valuable resources.

In kansai clear center, with the development of pollution free advanced process and recycle technology, we have been recycling wastes into highquality products. These products are highly appreciated in Japan and now have been extended into the global scale. We will continue contributing on a global scale to the global environment through the tomorrow recycling.

We - Kansai Clear Center company have been primarily committed in business of recycling wastes, especially palstic and non-ferrous metal. Nowadays , environmental protection is requiring on a global scale. The process of handling growth industrial waste has become a serious international problem. Moreover, the ability of cleaning industrial wastes institution is limited, therefore, minimize wastes is urgent. At this moment, the disposal of industrial wastes by burying that is considered how to recover resources is an important topic in the world. In the Kansai clear center, we have been recycling and selling things to be followed after there. Recycling products are greatly appreciated and now have been exporting abroad.



PE (polyetylen), PP (polypropan)

Non-ferrous metal


Precipitation copper/ Gold plated copper/ Brass and other containing copper raw materials


Zinc slag / Zinc powder/ Raymond dregs/ Zinc dross/ Die casting dross/ Other Zinc-containing material

Gold and silver

Gloss plating/ Printing substrate/ Electronic components/ Electrial switchboard/ Gold plated.


Zinc catalysts/ Copper catalysts/ Nickel catalysts/ Molybdenum catalysts/ Platinum catalyst

Variety of sludge wastes system

Zinc sludges/ Copper sludge/ Nickel sludges/ Tin sludges/ Gold and silver sludge

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Collecting and transporting industrial wastes, the intermediate process

In many years, Kansai Clear Center became specialist in wastes disposal in both sludge and oil wastes. With the experiences and knowledges enriched in such a long time, we become a trustful company.

We holding a facility equipped with the best process in Japan 1520 m3 per day, we are specialist in solving the problems of sludge treatment, coal and soot coal. Additionally, we believe that owning technology reached the high standard of productivity in waste treatment is not enough. It is needed to update for efficiency. If we only develop the productivity of machine without the development of human activities in waste treatment, we cannot maximum the function of machines. In recent years, our company built up an professional group of many expertise in waste treatment. They're the foundation of our corporation. These experts are working hardly in order to use effectively the machines which stand at the first place in Japan of progressing waste (1520m3 per day)

About us

In recent years, the problems around industrial wastes have been became much serious.

Enterprises's activities are required to care more about natural environment. Therefore, we build many companies which recycle industrial wastes.

Starting from the law promoting the recycling society formation, in the time applied various laws on recycling, more and more acts appeared related to wastes disposal.

On the other hands, wastes disposal have to be continue despite the fact that companies are in troubles like shortage of landfills, law are ineffective and global climate change.

Kansai Clear Center are providing specialist device in wastes disposal fields

Keep pace with the latest information, as a pioneer in wastes disposal industry, we promise that we will overcome all the challenges toward the new era, capture trends to contribute to a position in environmental protection.

We will try my best to complete missions and carry out the thought of a pioneer in implementing wastes disposal industry,

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